Can You Heal Me?...

People praising God for His healing power

Can you heal me? 

That is a great question. Thank you for contacting us and asking it.

This question was submitted by a site visitor from the USA, "I have breathing problems and am in pain. Can you heal me?"

Yes, everything you need to be healed of your condition, and for any healing need, you will find on this website!

First of all let me assure you...I, Susan,do not heal anyone, The Living God heals...Jesus Christ is the only Healer!..."I AM the Lord who heals you." (Exodus 15:26 Holy Bible)

The Living God heals every sickness, every disease, every affliction of body, mind or spirit, no matter what it is, great or small.  So in answer to your question...Absolutely Jesus can heal you! He not only "can" heal you, Jesus wants to heal you...too heal all!

Can You Heal Me?...

Everything you need to receive your healing from Jesus for your health problem is readily available to you right there on the website.

Healing you, and all who are suffering, is the expressed purpose and mission of this website!

I encourage you to read all the webpages on this website, to learn from them, and then simply do as is suggested in the information and free resources provided on the webpages of JesusHealingPowerToday.  And you too will BE HEALED by Jesus Christ.

Read the Healing Scriptures webpage, so you know without any doubt it IS God's will to heal you. Read through the Healing Testimonies and watch the Free Miracle Healing Videos to build your faith for your own healing. Read the various information pages, the teachings and articles webpages, to learn "how" Jesus heals. Buy one of the books on healing, Jesus Heals Books webpage, if God puts it on your heart to get one of those to help you receive your healing .

Definitely take advantage of the Free Healing School webpage, by clicking on the link provided on that webpage. There you can watch FOUR years of Free Healing School Archives...1-hour teaching programs on Jesus healing today, and how to receive your healing. You can watch all these programs free of charge OnDemand. ..Watch one or more healing programs every single day, at a time that is convenient for you...and You will be healed, in the name of Jesus!

Simply by learning and applying the information and free resources provided on the JesusHealingPowerToday website, people are being healed weekly from around the USA and the world. Your healing will be accelerated by watching the Healing School Archives on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

So dive into the information on all the pages of this website, "do" what it shows you to say and do, from Jesus' teachings on healing in the Word of God, the Bible...and you can be healed by Jesus. 

Can You Heal Me?...

It's as simple as "asking" and "receiving" from Jesus!  The information and resources on will teach you "how" to receive the healing for your specific healing need that Jesus provides for you personally...Be Jesus Loves You With An Everlasting Love!

In closing, allow me to join with you "in agreement" in a prayer healing. I believe, agree with you and declare over you...

"Father God, I thank you for Your healing power, the supernatural healing power of the One True Living God. I thank you for my friend, the person who is reading this and is asking You for healing. Together we speak to their body and say...In the name of Jesus, sickness, disease, the underlying cause for it, and all pain, Get Out! of my friend's mind and body now...And don't come back! In the name of Jesus. BODY BE HEALED, in the name of Jesus Christ. I bind every foul spirit of sickness, disease, infirmity and oppression and I release the Life of Jesus Christ into the body and being of my JesusHealingPowerToday friend, in Jesus' name. Amen.

Thank you, Jesus...We give you all the praise and all the glory for these supernatural healings...For You alone are the Lord Who Heals All!

I look forward to seeing YOUR Healing Testimony posted on the website too!

Blessings to you!


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