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Check out these free Jesus heals audio teachings from experts on the subject of Jesus' healing power today. From this webpage you can listen online to hours of free audio teachings that will enable you to be healed by Jesus, wherever you may live in the world. is dedicated to making available online to all nations the knowledge and demonstration that Jesus Christ still heals today...providing practical information and online resources readily available to ANYONE who needs healing..spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical...ANYWHERE in the that YOU CAN BE HEALED BY JESUS TODAY!

The Living God loves you...Yes, You! He wants you to be healthy and live a prosperous life.  If you want healing, Jesus still heals today... Jesus will heal you...Jesus heals free of charge..Jesus' miracle healing power is the free gift of the one true Living God. It is freely available to all who want it.

However, some personal effort on your part is involved. There are steps you can take to receive and speed your healing...

  • Desire to be healed...Want to be well! At least open your mind to the idea that you can be healed supernaturally by the miracle power of God, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth...
  • Know that God wants you well, wants to heal He sdeclares throughout His Word, which can be found in the healing scriptures of the Bible...
  • Let Hope and Faith begin to grow in you...Feed and nourish your faith by hearing and reading the miracle healing testimonies of other people just like you...
  • See and celebrate as Jesus Heals other people...Let your faith soar as you watch Jesus miracle healings with your own eyes here on this website.  If Jesus miracle healing programs are not available in your local area, you can watch some right here...miracle healings in the name of Jesus right before your eyes!...
  • Learn how Jesus heals and how to receive your free gift healing from the Living God...Learn the Truth about God's Will to heal you, and Jesus' supernatural healing power and ways of healing, based entirely upon His Word and His Promises in the Bible...
  • Use the information and resources presented on to prepare your heart, mind and body to receive your total healing from Jesus...New information is regularly added to this website.
man walling out of wheelchair

The Bible says, "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." (Romans 10:17 Holy Bible)

We present to you these free audio teachings...Bible-based teachings from renown experts on the topic of Jesus' healing power today...

So that YOU can be healed by Jesus...right here, right now...simply with the information and resources on this website!

No matter who you are or where you live...Jesus is with you now and Jesus will heal you today.

The free Jesus heals audio teachings you find posted on this webpage will enable you to have faith for your own healing, as you hear sound Bible-based teachings on Jesus healing power today...It's at work everywhere...Jesus is healing people around the world today!

Listen To These Free Jesus Heals Audio Teachings...And Be Healed In The Name of Jesus!

Free audio teachings on healing by Andrew Wommack,
Andrew Wommack Ministries International...

Jesus heals today...Your first step to receiving your healing is to know without a doubt that...

God Wants You Well  Click to listen to this free healing audio by Andrew Wommack.

Healing for you is in Jesus Christ's Atonement...Jesus has already provided for your healing.

Health is something everyone wants. Billions of dollars are spent each year trying to retain or restore health. It is a basic desire of all mankind. Anyone who likes sickness must be crazy! Yet, religion has told us that God is the one who wants us sick. Religion even tries to make us believe that sickness is a blessing...That’s just not true. God wants you well!

How To Receive A Miracle, free Jesus heals audio teaching by Andrew Wommack...

Most Christians do not know how to receive a miracle from God. Learn how to grab a hold of miracles and make them happen. Believing God’s Word is the most important step to receiving a miracle. We do not just naturally grow up believing God — it takes renewing our minds. By finding out what the Bible teaches, you can plant the Word of God and begin to experience your own miracles.

Free audio teachings on healing from Duane Sheriff Ministries...

Healing Series #1 by Pastor Duane Sheriff, Duane Sheriff Ministries...

This is a series of six free Jesus heals audio teachings...The link above, to Healing Series #1, includes six separate audios, approximately 1-hour each, on the healing topics of...

Healing I, Walking in Truth

Healing I, God's Will

Healing I, Why I Know God Heals

Healing I, Moved With Compassion

Healing I, Hindrances to Healing

Healing I, According to our Faith

Free healing audio teachings, God's Will To Heal

Free Jesus heals audio teachings by Pastor Keith Moore, Faith Life Church

God's Will To Heal ...

Listen to this 20-part teachings series, each topic is a separate 1-hour teaching.

Pt. 01 - How To Find The Will Of God 

Pt. 02 - The Strong Spirit

Pt. 03 - The Original Creation

Pt. 04 - The Covenant Of Healing

Pt. 05 - The Curse Of Sickness

Pt. 06 - Types Of Redemption - Pt. 01

Pt. 07 - Types Of Redemption - Pt. 02

Pt. 08 - Redemption

Pt. 09 - Firstfruits Of The Resurrection of Jesus

Pt. 10 - The Fatherhood Of God

Pt. 11 - The Mercy Of God

Pt. 12 - Authority Over Demons And Disease

Pt. 13 - The Ministry Of Jesus

Pt. 14 - The Laying On Of Hands

Pt. 15 - The Good Shepherd

Pt. 16 - Healing In The Books Of Acts/Holy Bible

Pt. 17 - Prayers For Healing

Pt. 18 - The Promises Of God

Pt. 19 - Long Life

Pt. 20 - No Sickness In Him

Free Jesus heals audio teaching by Bob Yandian, International Speaker, Author, and Bible Teacher

Be Led Into Healing...

More free Jesus heals audio teachings...

Photo: Woman walks out of wheelchair at CBC Healing School programWoman walks out of wheelchair at CBC Healing School weekly program

Free Jesus heals audio teachings...So that YOU can be healed!

People are being instantly healed as they listen to and watch these free weekly teachings on Jesus' healing power today!

Watch four+ years of free archived teachings on how Jesus heals today on the website of the weekly Healing School at Charis Bible College, Woodland Park, Colorado.

Each week's program is 30-minutes of anointed Praise and Worship to the Living God, where His tangible Presence is felt by a few testimonies of people who were instantly healed during the previous week's healing program...followed by a 1-hour teaching on Jesus healing power today...and how to access it for your healing! There is a different speaker teaching on healing each week...Instructors from different bible colleges, pastors, Bible teachers, evangelists from around the world who have experienced Jesus' miracle healing power today in their own life...and see it happening everywhere they travel around the world. 

Isn't it time for you to be healed by Jesus Christ too? What are you waiting for?...Jesus Loves You!  He gave His life for YOU! you can be healed... and for the salvation of your eternal soul...Jesus is your guarantee of Heaven when you leave this world. Thank you, Jesus.

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