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Is there a Jesus healing school that can teach me how to be healed by Jesus?...This is a question I'm often asked.

If you suffer with chronic pain, sickness, long-term infirmities, or an incurable condition...You need healing relief now! You migh even need a healing miracle.

I can relate to your pain and suffering. If you read my miracle healing story, I suffered for 20 years with an incurable condition...until I learned about the healing power of Jesus. And I would've given anything if someone could have told me about a healing school where Jesus would heal me! That's why I've published you don't have to continue to suffer!

So where can you find help?...Are there any healing schools that teach about Jesus healing today?...that teach you practical how-to's so YOU can be healed by Jesus? 

You want to be one else has been able to help you...You've suffered for a long time...Somehow you found this website...Maybe the possibility of the miracle healing power of Jesus Christ is brand new to you...You never heard anything like this before...That there is a living God who loves YOU, and wants to heal YOU!

And right now you probably want to know, Could this possibly be true?...Will Jesus really heal me? The answer is, Yes...Jesus absolutely will heal you, and there are some healing schools that teach how you can receive Jesus healing power today for your own healing needs.

Here at, we do the research on your behalf.  We are committed to finding the BEST Jesus healing power today information and resources currently available to meet your healing needs...including finding excellent healing schools for you.

We do the work for you...researching, reviewing, and that you can learn how to be healed by Jesus, with confidence for your own healing.

Photo of Healing School program at Charis Bible College, Co, with guest speaker, Duane SheriffHealing School Program at Charis Bible College, with guest speaker, Duane Sheriff

Our #1 Recommended Jesus Healing School...

The Healing School at Charis Bible College is our #1 choice for the BEST Jesus Healing Schools...schools that are teaching, equipping ordinary people, and demonstrating the supernatural healing power of Jesus today.

"The Healing School" at Charis Bible College, while hosted at this bible college, is not part of the bible college academic program.

It is a weekly healing school program that focuses exclusively on teaching people how to be healed by Jesus today. The Healing School at Charis is "open to the public" every week. You can attend in person, or you can watch online via livestream video. The "live" healing school programs are broadcast on Thursdays, 1-3PM Mountain Time every week.

Now brings this "best kept secret" to you...The Healing School at Charis Bible College. 

Not only is this the BEST Jesus Healing School we have found to date...You can attend this healing school absolutely FREE of charge, and online from anywhere in the world!

The Healing School at Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado...Our #1 Choice for Best Healing Schools


  • A well-established healing school that teaches people how to receive Jesus healing power today...
  • Impressive healing results...thousands of documented healing miracles from people worldwide, whether they attend inperson or watch online...
  • Rock-solid, Bible-based teachings from the Word of God...that it's the Will of God to heal you...
  • Offers a variety of experienced instructors and guest speakers, a different teacher each week...who have their own personal Jesus miracle healing stories to tell, plus years of experience teaching others how to be healed by Jesus' healing power today...
  • Plus powerful, live healing music to open the program each week.

Watch The Healing School Weekly Livestream...

The Healing School At Charis Bible College, WATCH Online Live Here

Healing School Program at Charis Bible College, with Healing School Director, Daniel AmstutzHealing School Program at Charis Bible College, with Healing School Director, Daniel Amstutz

At this Jesus Healing School, thousands of people have been healed worldwide, at the school and while watching the online broadcasts!...

Whether people attend the The Healing School at Charis Bible College in person, watch the "live" broadcast online, or watch the large library of Archived Healing School weekly programs since 2011...People are being healed by Jesus every week at this healing school...for FREE!

All of these weekly healing programs are free of person, free livestream, and free on-demand archives.

So if you need healing in your body, and you have access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer...You can attend this Jesus Healing School every week!

Healing testimonies and emails come in from around the world that people are being healed by Jesus as a result of this healing school.

People have been instantly healed while listening to the healing praise and worship music at the start of each program...others are healed during the teaching of God's word about healing, every week there's a healing message based on the promises of God in the Bible for your healing...many people get healed as they watch the livestream online, and even while watching the healing school archives!

Literally thousands have received a miracle healing from Jesus as a direct result of the weekly teachings about healing they learn at this healing school...You will learn "how to" be healed by Jesus.

The Bible says,"Know the truth, and the truth will set you free"...The Healing School at Charis Bible College teaches you the truth about Jesus healing power today...and that truth will heal you!

Watch The Healing School On-Demand Archives...

The Healing School, Charis Bible College, Watch Archives here

Free Online Jesus Healing School teachings every week since 2011!

Do you know of a Jesus Healing School we should add to our list of BEST Healing Schools?...that teach Bible-based truth about the supernatural healing power of Jesus today? Contact Us so we can post your recommendations on this website.


Send Us Your Testimony When You Are Healed By Jesus!

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