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Jesus Healing Power Today News is a mini-journal, as new articles are added to the site, that Jesus still heals worldwide today.


Let's you know whenever new Web pages appear on the site, with additional information and resources showing you how to be healed, and how to heal others...

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Yoga-injured Hips Healed

I followed a New Age religion for 30 years and was a yoga teacher, but I renounced and repented of that false religion and became born-again (i.e. all

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Native American born blindreceives miracle healing by Messiah Jesus

Native American born blind receives miracle healing! Watch this video of a First Nations woman from Canada born completely blind miracuouly healed by Jesus the Messiah at Pastor Billy Burke's miracle healing meeting in Toronto.

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Video: Israeli Jew Cancer Healing Testimony

Video: Israeli Jew Cancer Miracle Healing Testimony (in Hebrew & English)

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Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) Heals Cancer In Jerusalem!

Praise report!... Two weeks ago at my Messianic Jewish weekly Shabbat service, I learned that the husband of a member of our Kehila (congregation) had

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Jesus Healed Me Of Severe Depression...

In the fall of 2013, Susan (the creator of this Jesus Healing Power Today website) highly recommended I go to the local Healing Room. I did, I received

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Help Jesus Heal! Donate Today

Help Jesus Heal Worldwide! Donate To

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Jesus Miracle Missions in Brazil...Healing Miracles on a Garbage Dump in Rio!

Jesus Miracle Missions in Brazil, Jesus Healing Power in Brazil 2017: A life miraculously healed on a garbage dump in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

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