Free Jesus Heals Videos...
Watch Jesus Miracle Healings Caught On Camera

On this page, watch free Jesus heals videos...Free videos of Jesus healing miracles today, caught on video, from around the world.

With your own eyes, see Jesus' healing power at work today healing people worldwide...healing people of everything from headaches and minor pains, to incurable conditions...even a man raised from the dead while the camera was rolling in Pakistan!

Enjoy these free Jesus heals videos...proof Jesus Christ still heals today ...videos of Jesus healing miracles from around the world.

Watch and see for yourself some samples of what Jesus' healing power is doing today for people in India, Pakistan, Singapore, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mexico, UK, Switzerland, Central America, South America...even for people on the streets in bars, restaurants, and airports in the United States and in Israel.

On these videos you will see people around the world healed of many different conditions...the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, demons are cast out and the dead are raised.

The thing I love about Jesus is that He's not about religion...He's all about wanting to have a personal relationship with individuals. Jesus loves people!...every person...Jesus loves you too, no matter who you are or where you are.  And He shows His great love by healing people today, just like when He lived, taught and healed in Israel 2000 years ago. 

Jesus Christ is ALIVE today...the religious and government leaders of His day killed Him, but Almighty God, the Creator, raised Jesus from the dead for the sake of all mankind. Today documented miracle healings prove Jesus Christ is alive, still heals, and there is power in the name of Jesus. No "god" of any religion does healing miracles...Jesus Christ does...every day people worldwide are being healed in the name of Jesus!  But don't take my word for it...See for yourself.

These Jesus heals videos from around the world today are a small sample of what's happening now worldwide... more and more...vast numbers of people now being healed by Jesus virtually anywhere and everywhere in the world. 

Whether you need healing in your body...or you want to be an instrument of Jesus' miracle hea ling power, like the people you see Him working through in these videos healing others...enjoy watching these free Jesus healing videos.  Nothing is impossible for the Living God!...Miracles of healing are easy for Jesus. 

Watch these Jesus miracle healing videos now...see the surprise...feel the joy of the people who are healed on these videos. And use these videos to grow in faith and believe for your own healing...because Jesus wants to heal you too.

Watch these free Jesus heals videos and see for yourself...Jesus' healing power today is doing miracles worldwide...

Jesus Healed Me!...Watch video healing testimony of the creator of this website

Free Jesus heals videos from India...

Jesus heals blind girl born without pupils...Now she can see without pupils!. See for yourself... The girl's miracle healing is from Minute 23:4 - 28 on the video of this miracle healing program in India with Healing Evangelist Rambabu, New Creation Ministries in India

Jesus heals videos from Pakistan

Man raised from the dead, AMAZING!...caught on video in Pakistan

Free Jesus heals videos from USA...

Jesus healing people on the streets of USA, Part 1 with Todd White

More Jesus healing on the streets in USA...

Radical Healing of Deafness, with Todd White

You've got to watch this!...Jesus restores sight to a man with NO EYE...

Free Jesus heals video of Jesus healing children today...
Watch a toe grow right before your eyes!

You are never too young or too old to receive Jesus Healing Power Today! Watch actual testimonies of children, as they describe the healing power of Jesus they received right in their seats! Have your faith built up to receive a healing miracle for you, your child, grandchild or loved one as Katie Souza prays for you at the end of this video. Remember, Jesus heals every manner of sickness and disease. Jesus heals today!...It's not a matter of if you get healed, it's only a matter of when.

"Ridiculous Miracles!" on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!TV Show

Free Jesus heals videos from Canada

Jesus heals terminal illness of a woman from Canada.

If you or someone you know has a terminal illness, read this...

Jesus Heals Terminal Illnesses

Native American Born Blind Miracle Healing...
Native American born blind receives miracle healing! Watch this video of a First Nations woman from Canada, born completely blind, miraculously healed by Jesus the Messiah at a Pastor Billy Burke's miracle healing meeting in Toronto.

Free Jesus heals videos from Africa...

In Nigeria...Watch AMAZING INSTANT MIRACLE HEALING and total transformation of this woman...Literally from the ashes of near-death to beauty and fullness of life.This is the pure love and sheer POWER of Jesus to set free and heal anyone, anywhere.  WARNING: Graphic images!

Deaf Muslim healed in Jesus' Name in Ghana

at a Christ For All Nations Crusades in Africa

Blind woman healed in front of 200,000 people in Ivory Coast

Free Jesus heals videos from Singapore, China, Malaysia

AWESOME JESUS!...Young Chinese girl healed instantly

Jesus heals Malaysian woman in Singapore of stage 4 bone cancer...

Amazing Holy Spirit Presence and Jesus Healing in Singapore!

Free Jesus Heals Videos from UK & EU

Free Jesus heals videos...

Jesus heals woman of cerebral palsy in UK

at UK Evangelist Nathan Morris conference in Hull, England

Demons cast out and neck healed by Jesus in France

with Australian Evangelist John Mellor

More free Jesus heals videos from France and the French-speaking world...with Audrey Mack, French Bible-teacher and healing evangelist

Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) healing videos from Israel

Video: Israeli Jew Cancer Miracle Healing Testimony...
The Doctors Were Shocked. (
In Hebrew and English)

More Hebrew testimonies at YouTube

Watch European tourists healing people in Israel...

"YESHUA/JESUS is healing his people, The Jews, on the streets in Israel 2013!"

Free Jesus Heals Videos from Central and South America

Jesus Healing in Brazil

A young woman with severe scoliosis, in pain, hips out of alignment, and one leg inches shorter than the other is instantly healed as a group of young Brazilians looks on...Watch her priceless reaction to her miracle healing, as the crowd erupts with shouts!

Free Jesus healing videos

The most amazing Jesus miracle healing he's ever seen!...Healing Evangelist R.W. Shambach video

Jesus instantly healed 4-yr old boy born with 26 incurable diseases and deformities in Alabama, USA

More Free Jesus Heals Videos...

Watch 21 videos of Jesus healing testimonies, provided by Andrew Wommack Ministries

We Add New Jesus Miracle Healing Videos From Around the World...

If You Know Of Free Jesus Healing Videos Showing Jesus' Healing Power And Miracles Today In Your Country...Please Email The Video Link To Us On Our CONTACT Form.

We want to post your personal healing testimonies and more free videos showing Jesus' healing power today from around the world.

Send Us Your Testimony When You Are Healed By Jesus!


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