Do I have to be baptized in the Holy Spirit in order to be healed?

Do I have to be baptized in the Holy Spirit in order to be healed through my own faith?
Thank for your answer.

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Mar 15, 2024
The Holy Spirit is God's GIFT to every believer in Jesus!
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The quick answer to your question, "Do I need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit to receive my healing?" is NO, you do not.

Because the Lord Jesus is the HEALER, not you. Like Salvation, Healing comes by the Grace of the Living God, the Lord Jesus Christ, not by any "works" or effort of a person. We see in the Bible when Jesus walked the earth, "He healed ALL who came to Him," (Matthew 4:24, Matthew 12:15), whether they had faith in Him or not, whether they were "His brethren" (i.e. His biological descendants, the Jewish people, that He came to save as their Messiah/Savior), or were not Jewish.

However, IF you are a Born-Again Believer,and have received God's free gift of Abundant Life, Eternal Salvation, and the forgiveness /eradication of all your sins...which only comes through accepting the sacrifice of Jesus of Nazareth's life & blood shed to pay the price for your redemption & deliver you from from the devil's kingdom of darkness on this earth (sin, disease, torment, poverty, etc)...Why Wouldn't You Be Baptized In The Holy Spirit?!

Before Jesus ascended to Heaven, after He was raised from the dead, He told his followers "Wait here in Jerusalem for the Promise of the Father, the Holy Spirit, so that you are endued with power." (Luke 24:49). When Jesus Himself told his followers not to do anything until they were baptized in the Holy Spirit so that they would be filled with the very power of God...that same Holy Spirit that enabled Jesus to do all His mighty works...then every believer ought to obey Jesus & also be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Why would a believer want to be a "powerless" Christian? Jesus has provided for every Born-again Believer in Him, through baptism in the Holy Spirit, the All-Power of God & Christ. It's the Holy Spirit in us that enables us to defeat our enemies here on the earth, to have total authority & power over satan, demons & the curses, torments & oppressions they put on every human being.

As "New creations in Christ," if we have received God's free gift of Salvation in Jesus Christ, our spirit is re-created in the perfect image & likeness of God! We are meant to be Victorious over all the powers of the Enemy (the devil & his followers). But without the baptism of the Holy Spirit we are powerless, & at the mercy of the powers and the curse of satan. As the Redeemed of the Lord by the Blood of Jesus Christ, every follower of the Lord should be walking in the Blessing of God that Jesus has provided for any & all who believe in Him & have received everything that His sacrifice & shed Blood as purchased for us,including the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

So I encourage you who asked the question, and all who read this, to follow the Lord's instructions in the Bible: FIRST, make Jesus your personal Savior & the Lord of your life. Second, get Water Baptized (full immersion not "sprinkled"). Third receive the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit as evidenced by speaking in tongues (supernatural languages)". Then go after satan with your God-given Authority & Power of Christ in you. Defeat him with the power of the spoken Word of God enforced on the evil spirits, sickness, poverty, etc by the Power of the Holy Spirit living within you & working on your behalf.

Then Have FUN doing what Jesus has commanded EVERY Believer to do: Cast out demons, Heal the sick, Raise the dead, & Tell others the GOOD News of Jesus Christ to set other captives free, and walk in the Abundant Life on Earth Jesus purchased for you NOW...Plus spend Eternity in the Heaven of God's Unconditional Love for you, instead of Hell's torments when your body dies. Thank you, Jesus! What an Awesome God we have, in Christ. Be Blessed!

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