Jesus Healed Me Of Migraines

by Jude
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

Did you know that out of 37 miracles Jesus performed in the bible, 26 of them were about healing the sick. Jesus knew how important health is to us. Although my healing testimony is not recorded in the Bible, but what Jesus did for me was just as powerful as all the miracles he did 2000 years ago. Because He is alive, his power is just as strong and real as 2000 years ago.

My mother suffers from migraines all her life, when I experienced my very first migraine, the doctor immediately said that it's genetic. In order to get rid of the headache, the doctor told me that I must look for the trigger. What triggers my headaches? It could be drinking too much coffee, it could be not drinking enough coffee. It could be not getting enough sleep or it could be getting too much sleep. It could even be the weather. According to some research, migraines tend to happen more often in a cloudy day than sunny day, but the doctor told me that I should be careful with both sunny and cloudy days.

Not a good way to live your life when you must constantly pay attention to what you eat, what you do, and the weather forecast. In 2011 I accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord, and understood what Jesus did for me at the cross.

Two Healing Scriptures from the Bible changed my life : Isaiah 54:4 Jesus took all my diseases, sicknesses, and sins on the cross, so that I don't ever have to suffer the consequences of them anymore. Isaiah 53:5. By His stripes we are healed. Not were, but are. By His stripes I am healed, not I was healed. My name is Jude today, tomorrow, my name will still be Jude. Same thing, I am healed and always be healed--it is my true identity.

After realizing that I am healed and it is God's will to see me being healthy and enjoying life, I began to imagine this picture in my head: Jesus is in me and I in him. I am in his divine health. Jesus doesn't have migraine, therefore I don't, either. I was set free from suffering migraines because I realized what Jesus did for me at the cross. He took the stripes, the whippings, and broke his body for me at the cross so that I can have his perfect body.

In His perfect body, which is now mine, there is no sickness, there is no disease. Thank you Jesus for what you did for all of us at the cross, and thank you for giving us your divine health. Amen.

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Dec 10, 2022
Amen! And there's more Good News....
by: <>

And those people who have received Jesus' free gift of Eternal Salvation... by asking the Living God, the Creator of the heavens & the earth, to forgive their sin and by inviting Jesus to come into their heart and be their Savior & the Lord of their life... will also "live forever" in His Unconditional Love for them in the Paradise of Heaven, and be saved from the alternative of eternal torment in Hell! We are all spirit beings, not physical bodies or souls (our will, mind & emotions). We will live on eternally after our spirit leaves our physical body.

Do each of you who reads this know for sure where YOU are spending Eternity? The choice is up to you, as God gave us free will. I pray you all Choose Eternal Life In The Lord Jesus! He is the ONLY Way to Heaven & also for Abundant Life in our daily lives on earth now (Holy Bible John 14:6)

If you don't know Jesus as your Savior and Healer, read this article on the Jesus Healing Power Today Website, under "Healing Questions," "Why Jesus has the power to heal."
(Copy & paste the link below if it doesn't open)

Dec 09, 2022
God Bless You, Jude!
by: <>

Thank you for your story, Jude!

All we have to do is know and believe Jesus's words! He has already saved us, and His love for us lives on forever!❤️

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