Jesus Healed Me! I Was Obese, Addicted, In Chronic Pain And Dying

by Lisa M.

I will try to make this as brief as I can but it spans a time of our life! I was fighting a very real battle in my body to stay alive. I had a gastric bypass surgery in 2004 because I weighed 377 pounds and at the time it was the best alternative to staying alive. I couldn’t breath and I couldn’t walk more than 10-20 steps without not wanting to totally collapse! So I had the surgery, flew threw it with flying colors and then things started going wrong in my body, slowly but continually, it was one thing then another.

In the midst of the next 7 or 8 years, we went through some really traumatic emotional times that caused my body to sink further faster than I ever dreamed was possible. Fast forward to 2013, my husband and I started discovered and began watching the online Charis Bible College Healing School programs every week. I truly believe that continually watching these programs kept me alive and going. Because I had lost down from 135 to 106 pounds, and once again I was dying.

After numerous attacks of Pneumonia, the Doctor told me, one more bad bout in both lungs and it could kill me. Around the same time, I was taking a lot of medication for constant pain in joints, bones, neck, arthritis had tried to set in,
At this point, I was literally barely hanging on to life with all I had and no nutrients in my body, My skin got paper thin, my hair starting falling out. I constantly was throwing up, 2,3, 4 and more times a day, sometimes I could keep a little food down, other times nothing.

But I had had enough!. My husband Chris took a week's vacation and we immersed ourselves in the word of God, the healing scriptures of the Bible, the CBC Healing School archives and we also ordered Kenneth Copeland's “10 day spiritual action plan for faith that can move mountains”!
Between that and healing school archives and the praise and worship at Charis weekly live streams, and special speakers, we just lived in the word of God for 10 days straight.

I will never forget when I got the revelation, I was ALREADY healed by Jesus and the devil was trying to steal my health. It would have been laughable if not so sad. I was a skeleton walking around, I didn’t look like a healed person that satan was trying to steal health from. I looked like a dying person. As I hung my head over the toilet, throwing up...all the sudden I GOT IT! I WAS ALREADY HEALED! AND, NO, DEVIL, YOU CAN’T TAKE MY LIFE AND YOU CAN’T TAKE MY HEALTH! Did I get a instant miracle? No, I still threw up at least a couple more times, but I wasn’t looking at that anymore. I KNEW I had healing, no matter what I was doing. Me throwing up didn’t change or weaken the truth that I was healed!

Slowly, I started mending, and we made the decision to come to the Charis Bible College Healing is Here Conference in 2015. God had already been dealing with our hearts about coming to Charis, but even the trip to the conference seemed like a pipe dream. But we made up our mind. We were going and we were going to drive to Colorado and trust God to get us there. OH MY! It was the road trip from Hell! I won’t go in detail here but it's enough to say, I started throwing up all the way (what should have been a 16 hour drive was a 2 and half day trip with at least 3 times on the way up the car breaking down, one time coming into Texas in the heat of the day our radiator busted on the freeway. we coasted into a rest area and any way eventually got it patched. That was one of many difficulties trying to get to Charis for Healing is Here Conference.

I remember one time telling Chris to pull over, I jumped out of the car and started running round and round the car, yelling at the top of my lungs, I AM HEALED DEVIL, DO YOU HEAR ME? I AM HEALED! I know I looked like a wild woman gone crazy! I was just waiting for the police to pull up! I got back in the car and promptly threw up again, but I knew I was in obedience to what I heard God say and eventually the throwing up stopped.

We got to Charis Bible College and the Healing Is Here 2015 conference was AWESOME! We didn’t want to miss anything so we went to it all, I received some healings from Jesus, because I was feeling better, and could keep a little food down and OH BOY were we fired up! We knew beyond a shadow of a doubt this is where we were suppose to be.

So we knew we were to come to Charis Bible College to attend school. Of course we didn’t think we were going to be able to do it anytime soon. We would have to work, save up money etc… But that wasn’t God’s plan!

Anyway we had decided, NOTICE I SAID WE! husband and I... decided not to start in the November '15 school term, but maybe start in August of 2016. God had other plans! We had decided to go ahead and pre-register for school while at Healing Is Here, since the registration didn’t have a time limit on it.

Then 3 weeks before bible school started in November '15, God said go now! and it was unmistakable! So with our children's help we packed up our truck to head out. The week before we left I got pneumonia in my right lung in a bad way. I was on antibiotics but it wasn’t getting better. Then 3 days before we were to leave, my feet got tangled up in the blanket on the couch and as I stood up I tripped and my ribs on the same side as the pneumonia met with the corner of the coffee table. The doctor said they weren’t broken but was a cracked ribs.

So we left Saturday morning with me sick, running a fever, terrible pain and doped up on pain medicine with very little sleep, and that was after having to say goodbye to all our family. We have NEVER been away from our children or grandchildren EVER for more than a couple of days at a time!

Any way to make this long story a little shorter, because of the rib pain and not being able to breath, it took 3 long scary days to get here. I would break a fever and it would come right back. I remember thinking on the last leg of the journey, OH MY GOD! WHAT HAVE WE DONE? OH MY GOD! HAVE WE MISSED YOU???!!! HAVE WE MADE THE WORST MISTAKE OF OUR LIFE?

Needless to say when we arrived here, we were tired and worn out, but my faithful husband trudged in the icy cold snow and unloaded half of a very loaded down truck. We finished it the next day. So we started unpacking, knowing we had to start school in 6 days.

Fast forward to that Monday morning, 1st day of school. We started out with Chapel hour. We had awesome high praise and worship of the living God. Half way through praise and worship I realized my ribs were not hurting. I had no fever, I could talk and breath and this was with the high altitude! PRAISE JESUS!

But less than a week later, I am putting static guard on my clothes and I inhaled right into the lung that God had just healed. IMMEDIATELY my lung caught on fire and I got chemical pneumonia, Oh man was I sick! On top of that, I also had started going through withdrawals of Hydrocodone, heavy narcotic pain medication, that I had been taking for 16 years!. I made the determination that God was big enough to deliver me from addiction too. It would not be easy! (But I was expecting God to help!) I had tried to quit 3 times, seriously almost killed myself, but that was only part of the problem.

The reason I had been on them for so long is a long list of medical problems I won’t even go through, but the most painful was joint and bone pain, in every joint and in my back, knees, etc. I also had other things…. and I was so ashamed. Many times I would get down. I couldn’t get off the medicine because of the pain, I needed the pain healed so I could get off the medicine. , etc.. (a very vicious cycle)...The devil doesn't play games, and He hates us. He wants believers in Jesus off this earth so we can not do damage to his evil work in the world.


OK, end of story. First night of the Chemical Pneumonia I was really sick and had HORRIFYING withdrawal symptoms from the pain medication. Again thank God for a godly husband who loves me, and the special people that prayed for me. I woke up Wednesday morning, December 9th, '15 totally free from any effects of addiction, no joint or bone pain, no back pain and no pneumonia!

Thank you, Jesus! Do you know how awesome our Living God is? Oh My! All I want to do is cry in thankfulness and gratefulness! Jesus loves us so!

Jesus has healed me and saved me from death. And my husband and I are now enjoying our life together as Charis Bible College students in Colorado...God is Good!

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