Jesus healed me of Crohn's Disease, Cystitis, Pain and Fear

by Ed G.

My name is Edwin, I am a first year student at Charis Bible College. I started my first term in November, 2015
On December 10, 2015 attended the weekly CBC Healing School. I came up for prayer at the end of the teaching about Jesus healing people. I was in the prayer line praying that the Lord would put me with the right prayer minister. I was led to a third-year Charis Bible College student from a foreign country.

I told her I had a long list of diseases and medical problems the doctors said that I have, but believed Jesus could heal me of them all without dimming the lights in heaven.

We joined hands and she suggested we pray in the Holy Spirit to see what the Lord Jesus would show us. After a few minutes she said Jesus showed her, that in my quiet personal time with Him, to write down all the medical problems the doctors say I have on a sheet of paper. Write a "NO" in front of each disease listed on the paper, and "NO" after each one.

At the bottom of the page write the Bible Healing Scriptures I am standing on, believing in faith, for my healing. Then burn my list of diseases and medical problems. I said I couldn't do that in my apartment because it would set off the fire alarm.

So the prayer minister I met with said to tear up my list into tiny pieces, and Receive My Healing.

I asked how will I know when to stop talking my prescription medicines? She said because I am a believer in Jesus, according to His Word (the Bible) I can hear His voice directly and the Lord Jesus would tell me that.

And he did tell me specific instructions in my quiet time with Him... He said to finish that week taking them. The following week, take one quarter of my medications, then none the third week. I did just that and I am healed!

The Bible healing scriptures I stood on, believed on in faith, were 1 Peter 2:24 and Psalms 103.

The worst two things I was diagnosed with were Crohn's disease and Interstial Cystitis of the bladder. I lived in constant fear of having a sudden attack of these serious urinary, bowel disorders, and without the availability of a restroom. Also my medicine was very expensive.

I knew I was healed when all my symptoms were gone! Jesus Christ surely healed me of all my diseases from the inside out. No more bladder pain either. I have been delivered from fear and pain! Amen. Thank you, Jesus!

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Jul 24, 2023
Light and Hope
by: <>

Thank you Edwin for sharing. Your miracle experience gives me new hope and light in the midst of complete darkness.

Feb 23, 2016
God is Good!!
by: <>

Thanks for sharing! Very inspiring!!!

Feb 16, 2016
Being healed and healing others is available for everyone!
by: <>

Edwin, Thank you for sharing your wonderful healing testimony with our website visitors. It not only confirms that Jesus still heals people today...but that Jesus can and does use ANY believer in Jesus, who has been properly trained, to be an instrument of his miracle healing power today. Jesus doesn't just heal through the "super-dupers," famous pastors, evangelists, etc. Jesus said "All who believe in me, in My Name they will cast out evil spirits, lay hands on the sick and they will recover." (Mark 16:17-18 Bible)

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