Jesus Healed Me Of Severe Depression...

by Dominique
(Sedona, AZ,USA )

In the fall of 2013, Susan (the creator of this Jesus Healing Power Today website) highly recommended I go to the local Healing Room. I did, I received healing prayer, and I experienced a profound peace. I felt strongly aware of how connected I was to JESUS' Heart. The words of JESUS and the clear simple Truth about His PRESENCE from the Word of God (the Bible) melted away any resistance to Embrace the Healing Power from Jesus' Immense Love and freed me of the heavy Shadow of depression within me.

I came back home declaring to my husband I was Healed .....of course he had no idea I meant it.

The same night I was SO excited by the burning desire to be alive and radiant from Jesus' Love, I had no sleep, and JESUS came to me and announced to me I was His Bride! As I found an old wedding ring, He asked me to touch the ring if and when any doubt or fear would appear. And I was anchored in the most Glorious Love story I could ever have imagined...And His Love goes on and on and ON Forever! Thank you, Jesus.

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May 08, 2018
I and my family desire Jesus healing touch
by: <>

I'm so moved by your testimony, and desire this touch upon myself and my family for healing of body itchiness and attendant discomfort. I believe God can heal any ailment. Please intercede with my family in prayers.

Remain blessed.

Godswill Ukachukwu.
Portharcourt, Nigeria, West Africa.

Jan 29, 2018

by: <>

As the New Covenant of the Bible states, Jesus came to heal the broken-hearted, to set the captives free (from depression, fear, sickness, etc), and to destroy the works of the enemy (the devil/satan). For "it is the Enemy (Never the Living God!) who comes to steal, kill and destroy" our life. But Jesus gives Abundant Life to all who believe in Him. (John 10:10 Hallelujah!

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