by Evelyn Webb
(Kenova , WV)

Medical Confirmation of Negative Breast Cancer! I read your posts on the Jesus Healing Power Today website and learned diseases and illnesses are not from God. They are satan’s way to destroy God’s children! I read Healing Verses from God's Holy Word, the Bible! I had another check up and the tumor is gone after praying for Jesus Healing Power! The surgeon cannot find the cancer tumor! Praise the Holy Name of Jesus Christ the Great Physician! He has healed me. The Bible says all healing actually took place 2000 years ago on the Cross! By His (Jesus) wounds we were/are Healed! (Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24) Thank you for this website and following God’s Leading! I pray others receive this miraculous healing also! I also bought the book,“God wants you well!” God’s Blessings to all!


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Aug 07, 2021
Thank you for your testimony!
by: <>

Thank you, Evelyn, for sharing your Jesus Supernatural Healing Testimony on our website! Jesus is the God who Heals all who come to Him. His Word is powerful! When we read and hear the Healing Scriptures of the Bible, take those promises for ourself, and then COMMAND in the mighty Name of Jesus the symptoms of cancer or any other disease go back to the pit is hell where they came from, they must go. As Jesus said, "Healing is the children's bread"... Supernatural healing is already provided by God for every born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. We just need to KNOW that it is God's will for everyone to be healed & live in health, that healing rightfully belongs to us, and take it back, when the devil comes to steal our health! Thank you, Jesus.

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