Jesus healed painful male urinary problem I had for years!

I had a terrible habit of not using the restrooms at work and would hold myself until I got home. One night, I held my urine so long, that I didn’t have the urge to go anymore. The next few days, I had to remind myself to use the restroom/bathroom. I went to the doctor who ran a test and said everything was fine.

I felt fine until I started feeling sharp pains in my genitalia whenever I urinated, along with leakage. It affected my intimacy with my wife and constant pains where an hourly occurrence. Embarrassed, I accepted my new life without ever seeing another doctor. After much prayer and declaring the Word of God, the healing promises and scriptures in the Bible, Jesus healed my painful urinary problem!

For four years after this problem began, I would normally “remind” myself to use the bathroom each night but one night, I was too lazy. That night, I had a nocturnal dream about my wife and immediately experienced the most excruciating pain in my genitalia to where I almost cried. I waited to see if the pain would subside or if I needed to go to the ER. Thank God, the pain went away a few moments later. I immediately went to the bathroom because I really needed to urinate out of fear.

While urinating, I noticed a difference in the normal pain I was accustomed to. Normally, I felt a stinging pain with leakage. However, this time was different. My genitalia was noticeably sore but I no longer had the constant stinging like before.

The next morning, I experienced some soreness while urinating but the smoothness of my urinary flow was what I remembered prior to my injury. Miraculously, the leakage was significantly reduced as well. I thanked and praised God immediately, because I had moments of doubt and actually believed the lie that this painful problem was going to be for the rest of my life.

Jesus does heal and wants to heal! It sounds crazy, but when we focus more on the pain than on Jesus, the pain takes the place of Jesus. I’ve been healed by Jesus and my wife and I are so thankful! Hallelujah!!

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