Jesus Heals Terminal Illnesses

Do you have a terminal illness and less than six months to live? If this is your physical condition, and you want to live and not die...Keep Reading!

Jesus heals terminal illnesses today...all terminal diseases! Jesus wants to heal your terminal illness and restore you to health. Have medical doctors said you have a terminal illness, for which there is no medical cure, and that you will die within a few months? That may be your "medical report," BUT GOD has a Better Report for you!

The Living God who created the heavens, the earth, and who created yo says, "I AM The Lord Who Heals You." (Exodus 15:26  Holy Bible) God's report has precedent and power over doctors' medical reports. Your doctor report may say your death is going to happen within days, weeks, or in less than six months. However, God's "report" says His Will is that you "will live and not die, and declare the works of the Lord." (Psalms 118:17 Holy Bible)

Life or Death...which do you choose?  If you want to live and not die...Agree with God.  According to His Word (Holy Bible), God wants you to live!... the True and Living God cannot lie, His Word is Truth, What He says, He will do...And Jesus will heal your terminal illness.

Jesus heals terminal illnesses in many stories in the Bible. Here is one beautiful, miracle healing story... ...

A man with a terminal disease (in this case, leprosy) approached Jesus and knelt before him. The man said, “Lord, If you are willing, you can heal me and make me clean.”

And Jesus Christ, in His Unconditional Love and Compassion for every human being, reached out and touched him...touched this man who had a deadly and highly contagious terminal disease, and said, “I am willing." Jesus said. "Be healed!" And instantly the terminal illness disappeared.

(Matthew 8:2-4 Holy Bible, New Living Translation/NLT)

NLT Jesus Centered Bible, soft leather-look, turquoise

"Jesus Christ is the same...yesterday, today, and forever." (Hebrews 13:8 Holy Bible) He is willing and well able today to do the same for you...Make your terminal illness disappear, and restore you to health!

Jesus heals terminal illnesses today ...

What have you got to lose?...Before you die, why not put Jesus Christ to the test and give Him permission to heal your terminal illness too! invites you to accept a Special Offer: This is ONLY for people with any terminal illness, who will die in less that six months, according to medical doctors.

Watch this Jesus Heals Terminal Illness video...Then take advantage of our Special Offer, to be healed by Jesus of your terminal illness.

Jesus heals terminal illnesses. But in case you think the terminal illness you have is too powerful... or that your body is too far gone, ravaged by disease and close to death...Watch this video...Let Hope Arise!

Jesus healed terminal illness for this woman in Nigeria at death's door (WARNING: Graphic images!)... and restored her to total health.

Whatever terminal illness you have is NOT A PROBLEM FOR JESUS CHRIST! Watch Jesus heal this terminal illness, in the last stage before imminent death... right before your eyes in this video!

Jesus heals terminal illnesses...He wants to heal YOU of terminal illness...Totally Free Of Charge!

Jesus cured the founder of this website of a medically incurable condition in 1989, by a creative miracle, and she is still in perfect health ever since! Jesus has also given this person the power and the authority, and by the direct command of the Living God, to heal terminal illnesses, in the Name of Jesus Christ...which Jesus has been doing through her for people around the world since 1999, resulting in the disappearance of Stage 4 cancers, and other terminal illnesses. Jesus definitely heals terminal illnesses today!

Jesus alone is the God Who Heals!  As a believer in Jesus...and a person He has specifically equipped and empowered to demonstrate His miracle healing power...the founder of this website is an instrument, a conduit of Jesus' healing power today, like a jumper connect you to the Person of Jesus Christ, the Living God, and His miracle healing power.

Jesus Heals Terminal Illnesses.  But what if I don't know or believe in Jesus?...

If you do not know who Jesus Christ is...Or if you are of another religion and have been taught not to believe in Him...Or are a "Christian" who's been taught not to believe in Jesus' supernatural healing power today...But you desperately want to live and not die, want to be healed of your terminal illness... I suggest you do as I and countless other people have done...Simply make this short request aloud...

"Dear Jesus, I need help! The doctors tell me I am going to die very soon. If you truly are the Living God who heals all people and all diseases today, please show Yourself to me now, by healing me of this terminal illness of _______ (speak the name of your medical diagnosis). I give this terminal disease to you, Jesus. I want to be free from it, and I ask You to miraculously heal me. 

Show me the truth of who You are...Give me a direct personal experience with You, Jesus. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Life...Let me live and not die! Then I will know You are the One True Living God. I will believe in You, Jesus. If I live, I will turn away from my old ways that are not pleasing to You, the God of Unconditional Love. I promise to follow you, Jesus...Not follow a "religion," but to have a personal "relationship" with the Person of Jesus Christ, the Living God with Whom nothing is impossible. I will receive You as my personal Savior, and make you the Lord and Director of my life from now on...Because me living my life my way, as we can both clearly see, hasn't turned out too good! Thank you, Jesus.

Then please request our Special Offer for the late-stage terminally ill:

Jesus Heals Terminal Illnesses!...If you want Jesus to heal terminal illness for you, complete the "Request Healing," Contact Form below. Provide the basic information requested about your terminal illness, along with your first name, country, and valid email address, so we can send you healing prayer.

The founder of this website will pray as Jesus instructs, will agree with you in prayer for your healing and restored health...and Jesus Christ Will Heal You!

There is supernatural power that gets released when two people come together in a Prayer of Agreement, in accordance with God's Will to heal you, as the Living God repeatedly states and demonstrates throughout the Bible. Miracles Happen!...That is our Special Offer for Jesus Healing Power Today website visitors who are suffering with terminal diseases.

NOTE: This Special Offer is ONLY for any person who has a terminal illness...Doctors cannot cure it... And who has less than six months to live...Who wants to live and not die...And who is willing to ask Jesus to heal him/her. Someone CANNOT ask this for another person; the person with the terminal illness must want it for them self in order to receive their healing from Jesus. (though parents can ask for their dying young child)


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Jesus Heals Terminal Illnesses. When He Heals Yours, Please...


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