The author kept his promise!...

by Mari
(New York, USA)

On the cover, the open door revealing the heavens caught my attention, it reminds me of a vision I had when I came to Jesus. To the prospective reader, it reveals that the healing to be discussed won’t be ordinary; it will be divine, supernatural.

YOUR HEALING DOOR is a 107 pages or 12 chapters of material recounting the author, Greg Mohr’s, experience with his own miracle healing from cancer, then miracle healing for his baby son, and he shares the healing stories of several friends and acquaintances who related their own testimonies. The collective lessons learned are divided into what the author calls “wisdom keys.”

In the introduction, Greg Mohr promised to identify and describe how to apply 12 wisdom keys to unlock healing doors for the reader. He also promised that after reading the book, the knowledge acquired would allow the interested party to unlock his/her own healing door and take action, resulting in their healing.

Greg Mohr’s purpose and passion is to encourage faith, restore hope in the hearts and minds of people; restore confidence in all believers in Jesus to function in healing ministry as Jesus commissioned them to do.

The first chapter revealed the first wisdom key and the subsequent chapters revealed the other 11 keys. Discovering what each key is about was enticing for me to continue reading.

Several key scriptures used and explained shed light on the authority of the believer how to receive healing and hold onto it.

The last chapter gives direction on how to handle “the absence of manifestation of healing” if it doesn't manifest immediately in your body.

I enjoyed reading about all the testimonies used to support the different keys presented in the 12 chapters. And also the illustrations and analogies presented are very helpful.

Some of the keys reaffirmed what I already knew; it was comforting to see that it was not just my own ideas.

The author, Greg Mohr, kept his promise to identify and demonstrate how to apply the wisdom keys,encourage faith, restore hope in the hearts and minds of people; restore confidence in the average believer in Jesus Christ to function in healing ministry as Jesus commissioned them to do.

I definitely recommend the reading of YOUR HEALING DOOR.

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