Truths About Healing...

Greg Mohr, Author of Your Healing Door

Here Are Key Spiritual Truths About Healing,
By Greg Mohr, Bible Teacher and Author

Truths about healing...

Let me share with you three spiritual truths from a story about a man who was seeking healing... In Luke 7:2-7, the Roman centurion had a servant who was special to him and was at the point of death. This centurion was a wealthy man who had built the Jews a synagogue and would certainly have paid for the best doctors to cure his servant who was so dear to him, but apparently they could not help him. Someone must have told him about Jesus and the many miracles of healing He had performed. Since he had been so generous to the Jews, he had favor with them and asked them to bring this Healer to his house to heal his servant.

Although the elders of the Jews went to Jesus and tried to convince Him to come based on the centurion's good works, I don't believe Jesus came for that reason. I believe Jesus responded to the centurion's faith.

Truth About Healing #1: Jesus always responds to people who hear about Him and ask for healing. Before Jesus got to his house, this centurion received a revelation. He must have thought something along these lines: "I have asked Jesus to come and heal my servant because I believe He has authority over sickness and disease. I understand how authority works. I am a man under authority and I have several soldiers and servants under my authority. All that is necessary for me to exercise my authority is to speak a command to one of my servants and they obey me without question.

If Jesus really has authority over sickness and disease He doesn't have to come to my house. All that is necessary is for Him to speak the Word and sickness and disease will obey Him without question." Jesus responded to this centurion's revelation by declaring his trust in Jesus' word alone to heal his servant was great faith.

And his servant was healed by Jesus, by simply speaking the Word over him. Too many times we complicate God's healing power. When we understand what this man understood, we will see the same results.

Truth About Healing #2: Just say the Word. Exalt the truth of God's Word above the facts of what we see in the natural realm. All that we see in the physical is temporary and subject to change. God's Word is eternal and unchanging. When we say the Word, sickness, disease, demons, and lack must flee.

Truth About Healing #3: The Word on our lips has final authority in our darkest circumstance. Speak the Word boldly into every situation that opposes God's will for your life and those you love. Heaven will back you with the same authority Jesus walked in when you say the Word!

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Truths about healing...

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