Where do I go from here?

by Mark Bomar

3.5 years ago I believe Jesus was moving me towards healing. I’m a fireman in Texas and have the privilege of being sent to people when they call for help. At first things were going great, and I would periodically see people healed. In April 2016 I started have pain and discomfort in areas of my body that are embarrassing. I’ve been prayed, flown across the country for healing conferences, seen around 15 doctors and recently found out that there really isn’t a good idea of what’s wrong with me. I’ve gone from being passionate and enthusiastic to frustrated and cornered, almost hopeless. I just wanna walk this life out like Jesus did.


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Oct 23, 2019
Go to the free Healing School provided via this website...
by: <>

Time to go to Bible-based "Healing School" and learn how to receive your healing (as well as how to heal others, in Jesus'name)! Go to the "Healing Schools" page on this JHPT website, and click on the links you find there. If your schedule allows it,you can watch the Charis Bible College weekly Healing School LIVE online for free. Better yet, click in the Charis Bible College "Healing School Archives" link, and spend hours a day, watching on demand archives free of charge, learning about Jesus and His healing power today and how to access it... with countless testimonies to grow your faith and biblical anointed teachings from numerous Bible teachings who walk in this to make your understanding about Jesus' supernatural healing power fruitful. Here you can watch 6-years of the weekly anointed Charis Bible College Healing School teachings, plus the archives of the weeklong intensive "Healing Is Here" annual conferences held each year at Charis Bible College, Colorado, all free of charge. Jesus ALREADY paid in full for your complete healing, and by His stripes/wounds of His flogging before He was crucified, you were and are healed. That is the Truth of the Word of God. You simply need to learn what Jesus has already done and how to appropriate for yourself. So time to go to "Healing School"!... free of charge as a gift of Andrew Wommack Ministries via his amazing Bible College, Charis Bible College. It is impossible for you to spend hours of your day, hearing the Word of God about healing, receiving impartation from these many anointed agents of Jesus' miracle healing power, and receiving Biblical understanding of God's Will and Word for you to be healed and walk in perfect health, and not have "healing" manifest in your body! As esteemed Bible teacher, Andrew Wommack, has said, if you've been prayed for and prayed for and haven't seen the manifestation of your healing, you don't need more prayer...You need to know and understand the Word of God about healing so that you can RECEIVE what Jesus already suffered and died to give you...healing & health is part of the "package deal" of Salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ! As the Bible says, "KNOW the Truth and the Truth of God's Word will set you free." Learn, and do, and watch your healing manifest in your body...then do it for others!

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